The art and science of communicating with companion dogs and puppies that is stress-free and respectful.

Developing a clear understanding of canine language is the key tool to building a lifelong, loving and respectful bond with our canine companions.

One-on-one Private Training

“Enjoy your well behaved dog”

Puppy Star Program

“Raise a dog you can take anywhere"

Advanced Skills

 For animal-assisted therapy dogs

When we adopted our dog from WAG 6 years ago, we had enthusiasm and love, but really no idea of how to raise a puppy.  Shannon came to our rescue; her puppy training course was an incredible start!  Her encyclopedic knowledge of everything ‘dog' is unmatched.   However, it is Shannon's patience and discipline with both pets, and new pet owners, that is the key to her success.  In the years following, if ever a dog concern came up, Shannon was our first go to and inevitably gave us more excellent tools to deal with our issues.  Without a second thought, I would recommend Shannon’s training school to any and all owners of dogs (puppies or otherwise).

Liz Brownlie & Tucker